Leveraging Prompt Engineering

Startups & Generative AI


What You’ll Learn

  • GenAI Project Lifecycle: Understand the essential steps to develop and deploy AI-powered applications efficiently, helping you make informed decisions about using foundational models or building your own.

  • The Craft of Prompt Engineering: Explore the specifics of prompt engineering, including its structure, tips, and various prompting techniques.

  • Real-world Use Cases: Dive into examples of prompt engineering aligned to use cases, & specifically look at a startup VeUP partner that has successfully harnessed prompt engineering in their GenAI.

Who Will Benefit

  • CTOs: Chart the technical direction of your startup with GenAI.

  • CEOs: Steer your company’s vision by harnessing the potential of AI.

  • Architects: Design the AI infrastructure that drives innovation.

  • Developers and Engineering Leads: Lead the charge in embedding Generative AI into your product capabilities with minimal effort.