VeUP Chairman, Alexander Dick, highlights tech trends’ impact on job market


VeUP works closely with partners enabling sustainable scale up of operations in line with market demands. To achieve this, VeUP thought leaders are always aware of important market forces that affect the indepedent software vendors (ISV). Whether it is focusing on resource optimization to manage your AWS Operations in this recessionary climate, or conducting role blueprinting exercises to manage industry-wide talent crunch, VeUP aims to understand where the ISV market is going.

In that same vein, VeUP Founder & Executive Chairman, Alexander Dick, contributed as a thought leader in a Forbes article highlighting how technology trends are impacting the talent availability & job market.

Throughout history the introduction of new technologies has had an inevitable impact on the labour market, whether through displacing jobs, creating new ones, or significantly altering those that already exist… Technologies like AI and robotics are not going to be any different and we’re already seeing this across the economy at the moment, with some new jobs being created, some being displaced, and many being altered by the introduction of these new technologies.

Alexander Dick, VeUP Chairman

You can read the full article here.