VeUP acquires M3 Payments Technology Suite to Accelerate Growth of AWS Partners


VeUP, a global consulting company that provides innovative digital solutions, has announced the acquisition of M3 Payments Technology Suite. The acquisition is part of VeUP’s strategy to become a leading player in the AWS ecosystem and provide comprehensive value to the partners through M3 Payments Suite. VeUP’s value proposition is to accelerate the SaaS partners, and the acquisition of M3 Payments Technology Suite aligns with that vision.

The M3 Payments Technology Suite provides a range of solutions that include a mobile wallet and social payments platform. The acquisition will allow VeUP to expand its solution offerings and enhance partners’ ability to provide secure and efficient digital financial services. By leveraging the M3 Payments Technology Suite, VeUP will be able to offer its customers even more comprehensive financial solutions, enabling the growth of its SaaS partners in the AWS ecosystem.

The fintech market is constantly evolving and innovating, and VeUP is extremely impressed by M3 Payments technology and product suite, providing seamless international money transfers at the touch of a button. This acquisition is the first of many in the fintech space, which we believe presents a huge opportunity for VeUP.

Scott Young, special adviser-VeUP

With this acquisition, VeUP is committed to providing innovative and secure digital financial solutions to its customers. The acquisition of M3 Payments Technology Suite will allow VeUP to continue expanding its footprint and providing value to its wider partners in the AWS ecosystem. By enabling the growth of SaaS partners, VeUP is well-positioned to continue to grow and provide value to its customers.