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“The consulting team were so professional and had all the knowledge and experience to run the program with us.”

Mouteih Chaghill, CEO, Bespin

Building a culture of innovation with strategic foundations

After consulting with the team, we established Belpin’s urgent priorities, including more efficient processes, a defined AWS service catalog, and a more robust DevOps culture within the team.

We also identified the need for Bespin’s people to develop their AWS Cloud skills. This would allow them to increase their AWS capabilities and establish a solid architecture around the processes and services.

As a result of our assessment and tailored 100-day transformation plan, our team supported Bespin to:

  • Enhance AWS innovation capabilities around cloud services
  • Streamline AWS architecture processes by collaborating with both the technical team and other areas of the business to drive common goals
  • Develop an AWS service catalog to improve long term scalability
  • Define the GTM strategy with the focus around commerce
  • Grow more quickly and sustainably with a solid strategy and optimized sales structure