Enhancing Cloud Performance and Security with AWS Nitro Systems



In the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has continually pushed the boundaries to provide cutting-edge solutions. Did you know that AWS not only excels in cloud services but also invests in hardware production? In November 2017, AWS launched the first generation of its own EC2 systems – the Nitro series. This combination of dedicated hardware and lightweight hypervisor has enabled faster innovation and enhanced security, making Nitro a fundamental component of AWS infrastructure.

Enhancing Security with Nitro Systems

Security is a top priority for any cloud service provider, and AWS Nitro systems have demonstrated their prowess in this area. The latest 3rd generation Nitro systems were highlighted at the re:Inforce 2023 conference as a key advantage of AWS when it comes to cloud security. Three key components contribute to the enhanced security design of Nitro systems:

  • Purpose-built Nitro Cards: These hardware devices, including Nitro Cards for VPC, EBS, Instance Storage, Nitro Card Controller, and Nitro Security Chip, provide overall system control and I/O virtualization independent of the main system board. They accelerate IO functions, significantly improving system performance.
  • Nitro Security Chip: The chip enables a secure boot process based on a hardware root of trust, offering bare metal instances and defense-in-depth protection against unauthorized modification of system firmware.
  • Nitro Hypervisor: A firmware-like hypervisor designed for strong resource isolation and performance nearly indistinguishable from a bare metal server.

AWS Nitro systems enhance security by isolating critical virtualization components from the host and providing dedicated hardware resources for networking and storage. This isolation reduces the attack surface, bolstering the overall security posture of the infrastructure. Notable security aspects include Nitro Enclaves, enabling isolated compute environments for processing sensitive data, and Nitro TPM, offering compatibility features for using TPMs in EC2 instances. Additionally, AWS personnel have no access to customer data on Nitro, ensuring robust data protection.

Key Advantages for Small and Mid-sized Software Companies

While security is paramount, Nitro systems offer other compelling advantages, especially for small and mid-sized software companies:

Better Price Performance: Nitro systems powered by Graviton processors provide up to 40% better price performance than comparable x86-based instances. This cost-effectiveness allows companies to save on cloud computing costs without compromising performance.

Better Scalability: Nitro systems scale efficiently, making them ideal for workloads that demand handling a large number of concurrent users. This scalability is especially beneficial for rapidly growing software companies that need to respond quickly to customer demand.

Lower Latency: Nitro systems boast lower latency compared to comparable x86-based instances. The special-purpose built hypervisor ensures near bare-metal performance for EC2 instances, delivering a high-quality user experience at an acceptable cost.

Seamless Integration and Reliability

AWS Nitro systems have been extensively used and proven to be stable and reliable, serving as a robust foundation for critical workloads. Native services and seamless integration with other AWS resources make Nitro systems a natural choice for cloud-born companies, particularly ISVs. Additionally, AWS Nitro System now extends the lifespan of previous generation EC2 instances through modern hardware and software components, further enhancing the longevity of services.


AWS Nitro systems have revolutionized cloud performance and security, empowering businesses to leverage modern hardware and innovative software components. The combination of dedicated hardware, lightweight hypervisor, and stringent security measures ensures optimal performance, scalability, and data protection. For companies seeking to unlock the full potential of AWS infrastructure, the enhanced security and performance features of Nitro systems offer a compelling advantage.

At VeUP, we work closely with our partners to harness the benefits of AWS infrastructure. If you are interested in leveraging the enhanced security and performance of Nitro systems in your cloud environment, we would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you. Get in touch with us today to explore the endless opportunities AWS Nitro systems can bring to your business.

MArio Krastev

Mario helps customers to unlock their potential and accelerate growth with AWS by delivering cloud optimized solutions. He has long-term experience in consultancy, design, and implementation of IT solutions. His main expertise and competencies are in cloud technologies, core IT infrastructure services, virtualization, data storage and backup, business continuity and disaster recovery.


Mario Krastev, Solutions architect