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Our experience of working with technology leaders delivers costs savings and technical excellence as standard.


VeUP Technology Advisor augments your technical expertise to accelerate cloud technologies and bring clarity to your roadmap. Elite Solutions Architects, on-demand support and quarterly strategy reviews take your further, faster.

Why choose VeUP Technology Advisor?


Amplified Cloud Expertise

Our experienced advisors give you access to the best talent available. We are the cloud experts; we understand the cloud from all angles. We apply that knowledge and make the technologies work for you.


Performance without the effort

Our expertise accelerates your ground-breaking product innovation. Get our insight, advice and hands-on implementation of best practices, saving time and eliminating guesswork in your day-to-day operations.


Optimize your product

Adopt best practices, improve your security posture, drive cost and performance efficiencies. Whatever your operational and optimization goals, we’re by your side to make sure you get their fast, and do it right.

WELL ARCHITECTED enhancing-aws-integration

Enhancing your product for seamless cloud Integration

Our advisors validate your technical requirements, enabling successful completion of cloud Foundational Technical Review’s or Well-Architected Review’s, while tailoring your products for seamless deployment as SaaS solutions on cloud Marketplaces.


SECUTITY strategic-technical-roadmap

Strategic Technical Roadmap Planning

Our advisors work closely with your CTO, engineering, and product leaders to identify pragmatic technical improvements, set achievable targets, and implement changes that enhance your operations, fostering continuous growth and innovation.

TECHNOLOGY ADVISOR ongoing-collaboration

Ongoing collaboration

Receive clear guidance, support, and insight to optimize your operations, while developing your capabilities through continuous collaboration and training on best practices.

VeUP Technology Advisor revitalizes your strategic focus.

Grow, innovate, and optimize with our expertise on tap to support, provoke and execute. With access to the right advice, you get frictionless adoption and growth.

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