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How do you stand out in the fastest growing cloud ecosystem in the world?
VeUP knows how.


Let our experts guide your
Go-To-Market’ strategy

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VeUP Marketplace Services:
Accelerate success
on cloud marketplaces

Savvy businesses need to go where their customers are. And your customers, and people like them, have embraced cloud marketplaces. Discover how to sell on cloud marketplaces, where you get to retain your direct customer relationships through functions like private offers while providing your customers a simple software procurement lifecycle.

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Key Components

  • VeUP Marketplace Publisher

    Experience the best way to get started on AWS Marketplace.
    We take the complexity out of creating and listing your product, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • VeUP Marketplace Builder

    Ensures your product is primed for the Marketplace with tailored messaging and technical readiness, maximizing its impact upon launch.

  • VeUP Marketplace Cloud Desk

    Offers continuous Marketplace support, including performance analytics and seizing revenue opportunities, to maintain a competitive edge.

Unique Value Propositions

  • Risk-free engagement with no up-front costs to you as a client.

  • Accelerated go-to-market strategy led by VeUP’s experts.

  • Cost-effective approach by eliminating the need for dedicated resources.

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VeUP Marketing Advisor:
Get our marketing
experts in your corner

Unlike typical marketing agencies, our experts understand SaaS products and the cloud market. They go beyond traditional marketing strategies, providing deep insights into your unique offerings to better target audiences, optimize marketing spend, and enhance lead quality.

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Key Strategies

  • Development of compelling brand strategy and unique value propositions.

  • Optimization of marketing plans through regular reviews and strategy adjustments.

  • Expansion of revenue channels through strategic content and customer success focus.

Unique Value Propositions

  • Ensures cost-effective marketing investments.

  • Enhances lead acquisition with a targeted approach.

  • Maximizes ROI by negating the need for in-house product marketing managers.

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VeUP Alliance Advisor:
Get the most from your cloud journey

Our Alliance Advisor specializes in navigating the cloud channel landscape, leveraging critical resources and programs to foster sustainable growth and improve revenue opportunities within the ecosystem.

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Key Strategies

  • Speedy achievement of your Alliance milestones through knowledgeable guidance.

  • Unlocking superior ROI and exploring additional revenue streams via co-selling and private offers.

  • Proactive support and insights into beneficial cloud programs and opportunities.

Unique Value Propositions

  • Dedicated Alliance Manager with direct cloud experience to boost your business strategy.

  • In-depth advisory on achieving key operations milestones along the alliance journey.

  • Customized support in building a successful growth strategy through joint marketing and co-sell opportunities.