From Start-Up to AWS Partner: Pasabi’s Journey to Success




Primary Industry

Digital Trust & Safety


Privately held, VC backed

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Company info

Pasabi is an Edinburgh-based startup whose Trust & Safety platform combines AI & behavioural analytics to identify all types of infringements. From fake accounts and fake reviews, to counterfeit and scams, Pasabi detects networks of bad actors to identify the biggest threats.


Pasabi’s endeavor to build their AWS operations and refine their Go-To-Market (GTM) approach found a strategic partner in VeUP. Pasabi went through a transformation program with VeUP experts providing advisory support. 

The key goals VeUP wanted to achieve:

  • Building the AWS Partnership by setting up workloads on AWS
  • Review their AWS Go-to-Market strategy and explore new revenue channels
  • Formalize AWS best practices in their technical operations

Two comprehensive workshops were initially conducted to assess Pasabi’s existing state and lay the groundwork for transformation. This was followed by a dedicated 100-day transformation process, managed by VeUP, including additional value-added services such as Cost Optimization, AWS Alliance & GTM Advisory sessions.


Pasabi, having achieved Product-Market Fit within Google Cloud, faced the challenge of navigating their journey towards Go-to-Market Fit. AWS, with its enhanced scalability and faster SaaS deployment, presented an opportunity for Pasabi to tap new revenue channels and SaaS-ify their solution.  It was therefore a natural next step to build success in the next stage of their growth.

What Pasabi achieved

  • Setup Incident Management process to maintain high QoS
  • Completed FTR beating industry average time
  • Became an AWS Validated partner 
  • Listed on the AWS Marketplace
  • Became VeUP’s ReSell Partner

VeUP’s true value lies in their deep understanding of how to scale effectively within AWS marketplace – they know what works. From best-in-class deployments to integrating into the sales environment, their expertise supercharges the go-to-market process.

Chris Downie, Co-founder & CEO Pasabi

Leveraging Prompt Engineering

Startups & Generative AI


What You’ll Learn

  • GenAI Project Lifecycle: Understand the essential steps to develop and deploy AI-powered applications efficiently, helping you make informed decisions about using foundational models or building your own.

  • The Craft of Prompt Engineering: Explore the specifics of prompt engineering, including its structure, tips, and various prompting techniques.

  • Real-world Use Cases: Dive into examples of prompt engineering aligned to use cases, & specifically look at a startup VeUP partner that has successfully harnessed prompt engineering in their GenAI.

Who Will Benefit

  • CTOs: Chart the technical direction of your startup with GenAI.

  • CEOs: Steer your company’s vision by harnessing the potential of AI.

  • Architects: Design the AI infrastructure that drives innovation.

  • Developers and Engineering Leads: Lead the charge in embedding Generative AI into your product capabilities with minimal effort.

Safe Exchange™- Going to market faster



Safe Exchange™

Primary Industry

Media & Entertainment


Calgary, Canada


Privately held

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Company Info

A Parent Media Co. Inc. owns both Kidoodle.TV™, a premium streaming platform for children, and Safe Exchange™, an inhouse developed ad exchange with real time human verified metadata, ensuring the highest level of audience safety and experience from both a content and ad perspective.


Safe Exchange™ chose to open its unique metadata and decisioning capabilities to other Publishers and Platforms, offering a suite of tools that would help deliver accurate metadata, allow for effective filtering, and grant access to premium demand. 

Leveraging A Parent Media Co Inc.’s strong relationship with AWS, the go to market strategy was to use AWS Marketplace as the primary selling platform. 

Navigating the AWS Partner Network was new to Safe Exchange. Partnering with VeUP to help unravel the complexity was the approach Safe Exchange took.

charles-deluvio-Lks7vei-eAg-unsplash 2 (2) It keeps both father and daughter entertained


The initial goal with VeUP was to ensure a successful launch of the first product, AdCurate™. 

VeUP led Safe Exchange through a transformation program that focussed on their AWS Alliance , GTM & Cloud Operations. 2 workshops were held to identify the current state. This was followed by weekly engagement for the next 100 days to manage the transformation, and included other value-added services such as Cost Optimization, AWS Alliance & GTM Advisory sessions. 

Working with Vincen at VeUP helped the Safe Exchange team successfully deliver AdCurate onto AWS Marketplace in 90 days, beating industry expectations.

Impact of VeUP

  • Created AWS Alliance Strategy
  • Formalized AWS best practices into technical operations
  • Review of AWS Go-to-Market strategy
  • Exploration of new revenue channels 
  • Ongoing skill transformation achieved with AWS Certifications & 6 Accreditations 
  • Ensured AWS Customer Engagement portal was included in Safe Exchange’s sales process
  • Defined the co-selling approach for Safe Exchange 
  • 1 Live Marketplace listing
  • Foundational Technical Review for AdCurate

Our goal in working with VeUP is to bring scale to our AWS Marketplace product, Adcurate. Our collaboration with VeUP started through an introduction to AWS from Vincen (VeUP). They helped us with our AWS ISV Accelerate Program and helped to get Adcurate ready for Amazon Marketplace in record time: 90 days!

Daniel Riddell, CTO, Kidoodle

SaaS Pricing Best Practices

Mastering the art of UX & Customer Psychology in your Saas Pricing

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What You Will Gain

  • Practices That Maximize Profitability: Learn how to leverage pricing cognitive biases to optimize your SaaS pricing models and boost your bottom line.

  • Enhanced Customer Perception: Explore methods to shape how your customers perceive your offerings, influencing their purchasing decisions in your favour.

  • Price Packaging Insights: Discover the power of effective packaging of your solutions to target your customer personas better.

  • Effective Marketing: Gain insights into pricing techniques that enhance targeting and conversion rates in your marketing campaigns, ensuring your efforts hit the mark.

Who Will Benefit

  • Product Leaders: Refine your pricing strategies to achieve revenue potential.

  • Sales and Business Development Managers: Equip your team with pricing tactics that close deals and drive growth.

  • Customer Success Managers: Learn strategies to enhance customer satisfaction and retention through pricing optimization.

  • Marketing Leaders and Their Teams: Supercharge your marketing efforts by leveraging pricing psychology to reach your ideal customers effectively.

Generative AI for SaaS Code Development and Deployment: A Game-Changer for startups

annapogudz_a_claymorphic_3d_graphic_of_a_woman_stand_in_front_o_ac07be19-c957-48ed-bef0-0002cdeb08a0 copy


The success of GitHub’s Copilot has ignited a wave of innovation as founders scramble to harness the power of large language models and apply them to various industries. These visionary entrepreneurs are building tools that aid professionals in writing, coding, designing, and creating media. However, the potential applications of generative AI extend far beyond traditional coding. Developers’ work encompasses activities such as debugging, documentation, and incident response. It also extends to personas beyond software engineers, such as data scientists and analysts. By exploring value propositions beyond simply writing code faster, the possibilities for generative AI are endless.


Key Trends in Generative AI Adoption

Research surveys offer valuable insights into the preferences and priorities of enterprises considering the adoption of generative AI tools. A survey conducted by Altman Solon, involving 292 business leaders, sheds light on the landscape. One notable finding is that 48% of enterprises prefer deploying generative AI models on the public cloud of their choice. This highlights the significance of cloud-based infrastructure in enabling scalability and accessibility for generative AI solutions.


This trend aligns with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and startups. These companies often grapple with challenges stemming from limited technical expertise and financial resources. They are cost-sensitive and lack the internal capacity to develop and build customized generative AI solutions. Conversely, larger enterprises with dedicated data science or AI teams are more inclined to invest in tailored options. Consequently, SMEs and startups are more likely to adopt out-of-the-box generative AI tools to enhance their work experience and streamline their SaaS development and deployment processes.


Use cases for SaaS Startups

Now, let’s delve into different use cases and explore how GenAI tools can benefit SaaS startups and small-medium software vendors on their development and deployment journeys.


1. Code Generation and Development Efficiency:

Traditional coding processes are often time-consuming, requiring manual effort and expertise to write code for different languages and platforms. Generative AI tools offer a solution by automating code generation. These tools accelerate the development process, reducing the time and cost associated with manual coding. They can generate code snippets, complete code blocks, and even suggest code transformations or optimizations based on given prompts. Prominent examples include GitHub Copilot and AWS CodeWhisperer.


2. Code Completion and Assistance:

Developers frequently spend substantial time searching for code examples, debugging, and grappling with complex codebases. Generative AI tools provide valuable assistance in code completion. They can suggest context-aware code snippets, explain code segments, and aid developers in navigating codebases and understanding APIs. This streamlines the coding process and offers solutions to common coding problems. Tabnine is an excellent example of a generative AI tool that empowers developers in this aspect.


3. Documentation Generation:

Writing comprehensive and up-to-date documentation for SaaS applications is a time-consuming task that demands domain expertise. Generative AI tools come to the rescue by assisting in the automatic generation of code documentation. These tools can extract information from code and generate documentation templates, including function descriptions, parameter explanations, and usage examples. This reduces the manual effort required and ensures that documentation stays up to date. Stenography is a notable example in this category.


4. User Interface (UI) and Web Development:

Designing and implementing user interfaces for SaaS applications can be a complex and iterative process. Generative AI tools play a crucial role in streamlining UI and web development. They can generate UI mockups, suggest layout options, and optimize the user experience. Additionally, these tools can automate the conversion of design files into code, reducing the manual effort involved in UI development. Uizard AI stands out as a generative AI tool that empowers developers in UI and web development tasks.

5. Accelerating DevOps AI Automation:

The process of refining user stories for development and testing is often time-consuming, leading to delays in the development cycle. Generative AI tools address this pain point by automating DevOps processes. Copado AI’s User Story Enrichment feature, for instance, utilizes generative AI as a co-pilot to groom requirements and enhance user stories. This tool empowers business analysts, administrators, and developers to refine every aspect of a user story, ensuring completeness and reducing human errors. By automating these tasks, it saves time and enhances collaboration between different stakeholders.


The future of SaaS development at startups

By leveraging generative AI tools, SaaS startups and small-medium software vendors can overcome their resource limitations and achieve faster, more cost-effective development and deployment processes. These tools not only automate code generation and completion but also assist in documentation, UI development, and DevOps automation. Startups can adopt out-of-the-box solutions to streamline their workflows, while larger companies can invest in customized options to meet their specific requirements. Embracing generative AI is a strategic move that enables SaaS startups and smaller tech companies to scale up faster, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality applications in a competitive market.



In conclusion, the power of generative AI tools has revolutionized the SaaS development and deployment landscape. By understanding the key trends and preferences in generative AI adoption, businesses can make informed decisions about outsourcing, cloud deployment, customization, and licensing costs. SaaS startups and smaller software vendors can leverage the diverse range of generative AI tools available to improve their coding efficiency, documentation processes, user interface development, and DevOps automation. With these tools, they can achieve faster growth, cost savings, and deliver innovative solutions to their customers. It’s time to embrace the transformative potential of generative AI and propel your SaaS business forward.

Enhancing Cloud Performance and Security with AWS Nitro Systems



In the rapidly evolving world of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has continually pushed the boundaries to provide cutting-edge solutions. Did you know that AWS not only excels in cloud services but also invests in hardware production? In November 2017, AWS launched the first generation of its own EC2 systems – the Nitro series. This combination of dedicated hardware and lightweight hypervisor has enabled faster innovation and enhanced security, making Nitro a fundamental component of AWS infrastructure.

Enhancing Security with Nitro Systems

Security is a top priority for any cloud service provider, and AWS Nitro systems have demonstrated their prowess in this area. The latest 3rd generation Nitro systems were highlighted at the re:Inforce 2023 conference as a key advantage of AWS when it comes to cloud security. Three key components contribute to the enhanced security design of Nitro systems:

  • Purpose-built Nitro Cards: These hardware devices, including Nitro Cards for VPC, EBS, Instance Storage, Nitro Card Controller, and Nitro Security Chip, provide overall system control and I/O virtualization independent of the main system board. They accelerate IO functions, significantly improving system performance.
  • Nitro Security Chip: The chip enables a secure boot process based on a hardware root of trust, offering bare metal instances and defense-in-depth protection against unauthorized modification of system firmware.
  • Nitro Hypervisor: A firmware-like hypervisor designed for strong resource isolation and performance nearly indistinguishable from a bare metal server.

AWS Nitro systems enhance security by isolating critical virtualization components from the host and providing dedicated hardware resources for networking and storage. This isolation reduces the attack surface, bolstering the overall security posture of the infrastructure. Notable security aspects include Nitro Enclaves, enabling isolated compute environments for processing sensitive data, and Nitro TPM, offering compatibility features for using TPMs in EC2 instances. Additionally, AWS personnel have no access to customer data on Nitro, ensuring robust data protection.

Key Advantages for Small and Mid-sized Software Companies

While security is paramount, Nitro systems offer other compelling advantages, especially for small and mid-sized software companies:

Better Price Performance: Nitro systems powered by Graviton processors provide up to 40% better price performance than comparable x86-based instances. This cost-effectiveness allows companies to save on cloud computing costs without compromising performance.

Better Scalability: Nitro systems scale efficiently, making them ideal for workloads that demand handling a large number of concurrent users. This scalability is especially beneficial for rapidly growing software companies that need to respond quickly to customer demand.

Lower Latency: Nitro systems boast lower latency compared to comparable x86-based instances. The special-purpose built hypervisor ensures near bare-metal performance for EC2 instances, delivering a high-quality user experience at an acceptable cost.

Seamless Integration and Reliability

AWS Nitro systems have been extensively used and proven to be stable and reliable, serving as a robust foundation for critical workloads. Native services and seamless integration with other AWS resources make Nitro systems a natural choice for cloud-born companies, particularly ISVs. Additionally, AWS Nitro System now extends the lifespan of previous generation EC2 instances through modern hardware and software components, further enhancing the longevity of services.


AWS Nitro systems have revolutionized cloud performance and security, empowering businesses to leverage modern hardware and innovative software components. The combination of dedicated hardware, lightweight hypervisor, and stringent security measures ensures optimal performance, scalability, and data protection. For companies seeking to unlock the full potential of AWS infrastructure, the enhanced security and performance features of Nitro systems offer a compelling advantage.

At VeUP, we work closely with our partners to harness the benefits of AWS infrastructure. If you are interested in leveraging the enhanced security and performance of Nitro systems in your cloud environment, we would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you. Get in touch with us today to explore the endless opportunities AWS Nitro systems can bring to your business.

MArio Krastev

Mario helps customers to unlock their potential and accelerate growth with AWS by delivering cloud optimized solutions. He has long-term experience in consultancy, design, and implementation of IT solutions. His main expertise and competencies are in cloud technologies, core IT infrastructure services, virtualization, data storage and backup, business continuity and disaster recovery.


Mario Krastev, Solutions architect

VeUP launches re:Sell to deliver innovative AWS value service with 45-day payment terms

Team Large copie

London, Tuesday 25th July – VeUP, a specialist technology and investment consultancy which drives growth for AWS ISV partners, has launched re:Sell, an innovative disruptive AWS billing  management service offering 45-day payment terms to customers to assist cash flow.


The re:Sell bundle will provide VeUP customers with market-leading support and value, with revolutionary 45-day payment terms, simplified billing processes and initial value checks that promise to enhance their growth potential and enable their success in the AWS Partner Network.

re:Sell will also welcome customers into the VeUP VC Club, bringing together like-minded founders to network with other partners and investors in events in London, set for September, with Austin Texas and New York to follow.

As part of the offering, re:Sell customers will be able to collaborate with Solutions Architects and attend AWS Partner Network bootcamps.

VeUP re:Sell acts as a gateway to its other technology consultancy services, as well as potential access to a $100 million investment fund, to help ISV businesses scale globally.

Simon Turner

re:Sell enables customers to break the mould when growing their businesses through access to 45-day payment terms for AWS services, providing flexibility for our customers. re:Sell will help connect businesses with our game-changing experts, offering consultancy that builds better solutions, creates market impact and introduces founders to our partner network and investors. This is an exciting opportunity for fast-growing businesses in, and looking to enter, the AWS marketplace.

Simon Turner, Head of Services for VeUP

The news comes following VeUP’s AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status accreditation after just eight months of trading. VeUP works with AWS Startup SaaS and ISV partners across the AWS Partner Network to support rapid growth through bespoke technology services.

VeUP achieves AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner certification to fuel global growth

Plan de travail 3

London: Tuesday 18th July 2023: VeUP, a specialist technology and investment consultancy which drives growth for AWS ISV partners, has been formally accredited with AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status after just eight months of trading. 


The company works with AWS Startup SaaS and ISV customers in the AWS Partner Network, providing a suite of tailored services. VeUP also oversees a $100m growth fund to provide investment to high growth businesses, most recently injecting a multi-million investment into anti-fraud platform Pasabi.


As part of the company’s global expansion, VeUP has hired AWS start-up and ISV specialist Josh Boer as Head of Sales, EMEA and industry veteran Sean Burke as AWS Cloud Alliance Manager. The company brings deep industry expertise in AWS Operations, Investment, & Go-to-Market and helps its partners navigate the AWS landscape.


The formal accreditation recognises VeUP’s expertise in AWS consultancy, awarded only to companies with a strong team of trained and certified technical individuals, and who have proven customer experience.


As we continue our rapid growth journey, this accreditation underlines VeUP’s commitment to delivering the very highest standards of AWS consultancy and technical expertise to our partners and customers. Backed by our $100m growth fund, our mission is to turbocharge a new generation of ambitious ISVs, enabling them to scale and grow through AWS.

Sean Burke, AWS Cloud Alliance Manager, VeUP

About VeUP

VeUP is a global technology consultancy which provides bespoke services to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) working in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. Led by a senior team of AWS experts, with offices in the UK and the US, the company provides tailored AWS consultancy to ambitious businesses looking for growth. 

Why & How AWS is democratizing SaaS Gen AI

Discover how AWS empowers SaaS startups with Generative AI capabilities, unlocking the potential of AI to revolutionize businesses everywhere.



In the world of fictional superheroes, Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, stands out as a genius inventor and visionary. But even the brilliant Stark needed assistance to enhance his capabilities and deliver exceptional results. Enter Jarvis, his trusty AI companion. Jarvis not only added a touch of humor to Stark’s life but also elevated his professional prowess. With Jarvis by his side, Stark could focus on what he did best: pushing the boundaries of technology and making groundbreaking discoveries. Jarvis exemplified how AI could augment smart professionals to work even smarter. I am going something similar with my regular use of AI tools such as ChatGPT & MidJourney. While I’m certainly not claiming to be Iron Man, the concept of AI empowering me to work smarter holds true for any professional in the real world as well.

Just like Jarvis transformed Stark’s abilities, Generative AI is revolutionizing how professionals across industries approach their work. It leverages the capabilities of AI to generate high-quality data, such as text, images, music, and more, leading to new customer experiences and heightened productivity. AWS, although a latecomer to the AI game, is empowering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startups to leverage the power of generative AI. By offering a range of tools and a partner program, AWS enables SaaS startups to reimagine their applications, create exceptional customer experiences, and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity.

In this article, we will explore why AWS is focusing on Generative AI and how AWS is equipping SaaS startups with the generative AI capabilities needed to enable transformation.

5 Reasons why AWS is focusing on Generative AI

1. The Value Potential of Generative AI

Generative AI has the potential to create a staggering $4.4 trillion in value across various industries. In the high-tech sector, it is projected to contribute $460 billion, with software engineering playing a crucial role. These estimations emphasize the enormous opportunities that generative AI presents for SaaS startups, enabling them to gain a competitive edge and thrive in their respective domains.

2. Key Functions Driving Value

Four key business functions account for approximately 75% of the total annual value derived from AI: customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and research and development. Generative AI has the potential to transform these functions and revolutionize how startups operate. By leveraging AWS’s generative AI capabilities, SaaS startups can optimize customer operations, enhance marketing and sales efforts, streamline software engineering processes, and foster innovation in research and development. This comprehensive approach enables startups to unlock value across multiple fronts, driving growth and success.

3. Accelerating AI Performance

The progress of AI is advancing at an astounding pace, aiming to achieve human-level performance. Previously estimated to match median human performance by 2027, AI’s natural language understanding is now projected to reach that milestone as early as 2023, according to McKinsey’s analysis. This acceleration indicates that generative AI is evolving rapidly, allowing SaaS startups to harness advanced AI capabilities sooner than anticipated. By leveraging AWS’s generative AI tools and resources, startups can stay at the forefront of AI innovation and leverage cutting-edge technologies to their advantage.

4. Increasing Automation

Automation plays a vital role in driving productivity growth, and generative AI is a significant contributor to this trend. McKinsey estimates that integrating existing technologies could automate 60-70% of work activities, up from 50% previously. This steep increase in automation potential is fueled by the advancements in generative AI’s natural language capabilities. By leveraging generative AI tools, SaaS startups can automate repetitive tasks, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency. This empowers startups to optimize resource allocation, focus on higher-value activities, and achieve greater productivity gains.

5. Compensating for Economic Slowdown

In recent years, global economic growth has been slower compared to previous decades. However, generative AI offers a pathway to accelerate productivity growth and offset declining employment growth. By automating individual work activities, SaaS startups can leverage AWS’s generative AI capabilities to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth, even in challenging economic conditions. This capability allows startups to remain agile and resilient, adapting to market dynamics while maintaining a competitive edge.

4 Ways in Which AWS Enables Generative AI SaaS

Despite joining the AI race later than some competitors, AWS is making significant strides in democratizing Generative AI, which is different from the ‘One Tool To Rule Them All’ approach followed by OpenAI-Microsoft & Google.

1. AWS providing foundational models to build generative AI

AWS is deeply committed to empowering SaaS startups with access to foundational models. Amazon Bedrock offers a fully managed service that simplifies the utilization of foundation models (FMs) from top AI startups and Amazon itself. Recognizing that no single model can fulfill all requirements, Amazon Bedrock enables AWS customers to choose from a diverse selection of FMs from leading providers, ensuring they have the flexibility and freedom to select the best models tailored to their specific needs.

Collaborating with top AI startup model providers like AI21, Anthropic, and Stability AI, as well as leveraging the exclusive AWS Titan family of foundation models Bedrock offers opportunities for customization and optimization through API that gives access to the diverse range of models.

Also through initiatives like Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, businesses can easily embrace pre-trained opensource foundational models or train their own machine learning tools using AWS’ cloud architecture.

This flexibility empowers startups and enterprises to harness the full potential of Generative AI without significant barriers to entry. AWS has also partnered with trusted platforms like Hugging Face to provide access to reliable and transparent open models, further promoting the democratization of AI.

2. AWS’s Programmatic Commitment to Generative AI Startups

Through other programs like the AWS Generative AI Accelerator program, AWS selects and supports startups that leverage generative AI to drive value and gain a competitive advantage over larger competitors. Startups in the program receive mentoring, technical guidance, and access to AWS credits to accelerate their development and deployment of generative AI solutions. This commitment highlights AWS’s dedication to nurturing the growth of SaaS startups in the generative AI landscape.

3. AWS Traditional Services Providing Groundwork Support for GenAI

One of the key advantages of AWS for SaaS startups is its ability to provide scalable and flexible infrastructure. Generative AI applications often require significant computing power and storage resources. AWS’s cloud infrastructure, including services like Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, enables startups to scale their generative AI applications on-demand, ensuring they can handle increased workloads and deliver consistent performance to their customers. This scalability and flexibility allow startups to focus on innovation without worrying about infrastructure constraints.

Security and data privacy are also paramount concerns for Gen AI startups. AWS addresses these concerns by ensuring that all data remains encrypted and within the startup’s Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). This means that startups can trust their data to remain private and confidential while customizing Foundational Models to suit their specific needs. By requiring only a few labeled examples for customization, AWS enables startups to tailor generative AI models to their unique use cases.

4. Access to Complementary Advanced Tools and Services

AWS offers a wide range of advanced AI tools and services that enable SaaS startups to harness the full potential of generative AI. Services like Amazon Rekognition for image and video analysis, Amazon Comprehend for natural language processing, and Amazon Polly for text-to-speech conversion empower startups to incorporate AI-driven capabilities into their applications seamlessly.

Furthermore, AWS provides pre-trained AI models, such as Amazon SageMaker, which simplifies the development and deployment of generative AI models. This accessibility to cutting-edge AI tools empowers startups to deliver sophisticated and personalized experiences to their customers.

Finally, Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI coding companion, assists developers in building applications faster and more securely. By generating code snippets, comments, and documentation based on natural language inputs, CodeWhisperer boosts the efficiency and accuracy of software development tasks.


Just as Jarvis amplified Tony Stark’s abilities, AI, particularly Generative AI, is amplifying the capabilities of smart professionals. AWS, through its commitment to democratizing AI, is making this power accessible to startups and businesses worldwide. The combination of advanced AI models, user-friendly tools, and a comprehensive infrastructure is revolutionizing industries and driving innovation. As the AI landscape continues to evolve, AWS remains at the forefront, enabling professionals to work smarter and unlock the transformative potential of Generative AI.

In a world where AI is no longer limited to the realm of fiction, the opportunity to embrace Generative AI is within reach. With AWS as a partner, professionals can harness the power of AI, propel their businesses forward, and embrace a future where human intelligence is amplified by the capabilities of artificial intelligence. So, while I may not be Iron Man, I can certainly appreciate how AI, like Jarvis, helps us become better versions of ourselves in our professional endeavors.

The transformative potential of generative AI and AWS’s commitment to empowering SaaS startups are reshaping the way technology is impacting the way we do work. If you are hungry for more thought-provoking resources on cutting-edge technologies, visit our website and dive into a wealth of insightful content that explores the possibilities and implications of SaaS innovation. Additionally, if you’re seeking expert guidance on implementing AWS SaaS operations best practices and maximizing the value of your partnership with AWS, VeUP is here to help. Our team of experienced advisors specializes in enabling startups and businesses to leverage AWS technologies effectively, ensuring they stay ahead in the dynamic world of SaaS and generative AI. Explore the possibilities, unlock your potential, and embark on a journey of innovation and growth with VeUP.

2nd uplaod colouir 2

Vincen works closely with AWS partners, driving strategic growth and process optimization within their business functions, from Product to Go-to-Market. He worked on many consulting projects in Sydney, Mumbai, Melbourne and London, providing solutions to executives and directors at technology and digital businesses. Using structured problem-solving and data-driven analytical skills to identify business drivers is what he does best.

VINCEN ARIVANNOOR, Marketing Strategy Manager

Finding Balance as an AWS Startup leader in a Hectic SaaS industry

It is important to find ways to relax & manage the stressful environment a SaaS startup founder or leader find themselves in.


Today, as we kick off World Wellbeing Week, I want to highlight the importance of finding simple and fun elements in the lives of SaaS startup leaders and employees within the AWS ecosystem that bring them laughter, joy, and wellness. For me, that source of happiness is my dog, Cody. Beyond the muddy floors and sleepless nights, having a dog has immense benefits for our physical and mental health, especially for those working in the SaaS startup space.

Research has shown that dogs have a calming effect on humans, helping SaaS startup leaders and employees handle stress more effectively. Studies indicate that dog owners experience lower cardiovascular reactivity during stressful situations, resulting in reduced heart rate and blood pressure. This effect not only helps dampen the impact of stress on their bodies but also contributes to fewer visits to the doctor, saving the UK health sector an estimated £2.45bn annually. So, even in the fast-paced world of SaaS startups within the AWS ecosystem, having a furry companion can remind us of the simple joys and improve our overall well-being.

Reducing Stress in the SaaS Startup Industry within the AWS Ecosystem

SaaS startup leaders and employees within the AWS ecosystem face a unique set of stressors that can intensify the already demanding nature of the tech industry. The challenges of securing funding, meeting work deadlines, and delivering exceptional customer experiences can create immense pressure and take a toll on mental well-being. It’s important for leaders and employees to recognize that self-care and stress reduction are crucial for long-term success and happiness.

SaaS startup founders and employees are known for their dedication and hard work, often putting in long hours and sacrificing personal time for the sake of their companies. While this level of commitment is commendable, it’s essential to strike a balance and avoid burnout. Remember that taking care of your well-being is not only beneficial for you but also for the overall success of your startup.

There are effective strategies to cope with and reduce stress levels. Here are some actionable tips that you as a startup leader can implement for yourself and your workplace:

  1. Create a balanced schedule: Make sure your daily routine includes breaks, relaxation, and non-work activities. Allowing yourself time for hobbies, exercise, or spending time with loved ones can have a profound positive impact on your well-being.
  2. Set realistic goals: Establish clear and attainable goals for yourself and your team. Unrealistic expectations can lead to increased stress and burnout. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller, achievable goals can help manage workloads effectively.
  3. Prioritize exercise: Incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine, whether it’s a walk during your lunch break or quick workouts throughout the day. Physical activity helps release tension, improves mood, and enhances overall well-being.
  4. Establish healthy boundaries: Set boundaries for work-related communication outside of work hours. It’s important to disconnect and recharge during your personal time. Respecting your own boundaries and those of your colleagues fosters a healthier work-life balance.
  5. Develop coping plans: Anticipate stressful situations and challenges by creating coping plans in advance. Having strategies in place to deal with stressors can help you navigate difficult situations more effectively.
  6. Organize and prioritize: Keep your workspace organized and prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency. Having a clear plan and structure for your work can reduce feelings of overwhelm and increase productivity.

Embracing “Me Time” and Enjoyment at your SaaS startup

In addition to the initiatives mentioned above, it’s crucial to carve out time for yourself and engage in activities you truly enjoy. Many SaaS startup leaders and employees in the AWS ecosystem work long hours, often neglecting their personal interests and social lives. Taking breaks to socialize, relax, or participate in hobbies is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

My advice this week is to set aside a couple of evenings to meet with friends or plan a BBQ over the weekend. At VeUP, we recognize the significance of downtime and relaxation, and our team will be gathering regularly in London to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. Remember, switching off and enjoying the present moment is key to reducing stress and finding happiness.

Scale your Wellbeing as you scale your SaaS

To all SaaS startup leaders and employees, I urge you to prioritize self-care, set boundaries, and seek support when needed. Embracing the joys of life, whether through the companionship of a furry friend or spending quality time with loved ones, can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. Remember that a healthy and balanced approach to work and life not only enhances your own well-being but also contributes to the long-term success of your startup.

In addition to implementing the strategies discussed in this article, seeking support from the wider SaaS startup community is essential. VeUP is fostering a vibrant community called WeUP, bringing together AWS technical experts, GTM thought leaders, startup founders, and SaaS business leaders. By relying on this supportive community, you can find guidance, share experiences, and learn from one another’s journeys, further enhancing your well-being.

Take the time to destress, rejuvenate, and enjoy the journey. Your well-being matters, and finding balance in the midst of the startup chaos is essential for sustained growth and happiness. By prioritizing self-care, utilizing the strategies outlined in this article, and leveraging the power of the AWS community, you can navigate the challenges of the tech industry, support one another, and build a culture of well-being.



Senna Baillie

Director of Community